10 Best Project Management Tools

Project management tools allow you to plan and execute projects on a timely basis.
Have you ever thought about having a variety of software tools that can help project managers plan and execute projects while taking into account budget, time and resource constraints? Let us tell you, you are not the only one thinking in this direction.
Although managing multiple projects simultaneously can be tedious, there are other challenges that could keep you busy. Poor communication, unrealistic deadlines, ineffective accountability, lack of accountability, and budgeting problems are just a few examples. These challenges can be overcome if you have the right project management tool.
Project management software makes it easy to create project plans, track their progress and allocate resources.
This article highlights five top project management software categories that have received the most reviews than any other type of role. The Capterra Shortlist reports have given the highest scores to the products listed in each category. (Learn how we selected these products and categories.)
The best data visualization tools for project managers
1Holistics: Offers smart time zone management
Holistics is an online business intelligence platform. It displays project data in tabular format by default. You can also use other visualization options, such as line charts and pie charts, line charts or bubble charts, pyramid charts, donut charts, bubble chart, and pie charts. It also offers complex visualization options, such as metric sheets and retention heatmaps.
The software has an interactive dashboard that displays key project metrics as defined by your data team and allows users to self-analyze data. To allow users to view different perspectives, you can create dashboard filters. An online link allows you to share dashboard access with external or internal stakeholders.
Holistics allows you to adjust the time zone of your organization at the dashboard level. Once you have specified the time zone, Holistics rewrites SQL queries so that all relative dates and timestamps are converted into the specified time zone.
Holistics dashboards and reports can be viewed on mobile devices. Chat and email are available for customer support.
*Analysis correct as of June 20222Microsoft BI: Runs natural-language queries
Microsoft Power BI, a business analytics platform, offers a variety of visualization options such as stacked bars, stacked columns charts, scatter charts and waterfall charts.
Power BI users can choose data from multiple sources to create visual reports. You can also ask data-related queries in your native language. Power BI uses cognitive technology for understanding your query and returning results.
It also uses techniques like rephrasing or autofill to understand your search needs.
The Data Analysis Expressions (DAX library) of the tool allows you to create formulas that drill down into data and extract insights from complex data sets.
Power BI dashboards can be shared and printed. Chat, email, or phone are all options for customer support.
*Analysis correct as of June 2022Best Gantt charts tools for project managers
3Asana: Gantt charts now have collaboration capabilities
Asana is an Agile project management tool that breaks down complex projects into smaller tasks and subtasks. It has a built-in search feature that allows you to search for specific messages, tasks, or projects. To keep tasks in close view, you can also mark tasks to your favorites.
Gantt charts in Asana can be viewed in a timeline format. This allows you to view project schedules and modify the start and due dates for tasks. As you make changes

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