10 Things You Didn’t Know at Communities & Councils Forum 2222

CompTIA Communities and Councils Forum 2022 was held on Monday, March 14, and was the first in-person CCF since 2019. Here are the highlights of this year’s event: awards, membership announcements, educational panels, working meetings. CompTIA Communities and Councils Forum kicked off Monday, March 14, and was the first in-person CCF since 2019. CompTIA members enjoyed the energy generated by networking, educational panels and working sessions. You can read on to find out more about CCF 2022 if you were unable to attend onsite or virtual. What’s next for CompTIA Membership?
MJ Shoer (chief community officer, CompTIA) and Nancy Hammervik (CEO, CompTIA Tech Academy), welcomed CCF attendees. They discussed their transfer of leadership as well as what the future holds for CompTIA’s member organization. Shoer stated, “Our mission is help you, everyone in this room, and the entire tech industry and the world.” We are very grateful for this chance. We want to create the workforce of 21st century – to make it easier for you all to find qualified workers tomorrow, and for the next few years. We are growing our global network and relevance and you are a crucial part of that strategy.” Shoer also described CompTIA’s new global community structure and a new member benefit – free CompTIA ISAO membership to all solution provider members. Continue reading. The “Great Resignation”: Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community.
The CompTIA Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community hosted Trisha Daho (CEO and founder of Empowered); Angel Pineiro (vp strategic academic relationships, CompTIA); and Lindsay Raduka (vp talent and culture, LivingHR) to discuss strategies for retaining top talent in the session Retention. Retention is a real problem in the tech industry. Experts in the industry believe that creating equity through an inclusive work environment will help retain top talent. It’s not an easy task. Panelists discussed how technology businesses can create a more inclusive workplace by better understanding the difference between equity and equality, enabling better work-life balance, promoting allyship, sponsorship and reverse mentoring, making reward systems more equitable, enabling a sense of belonging and eliminating microaggression.CompTIA Honors Award Winners and Member Leaders
Shoer and Deborah Kestin Schildkraut (Vice President, Member Engagement, CompTIA) celebrated the North America Spotlight Awards winners at a special luncheon. Five CompTIA members were recognized:
Future Leader Award: Kyle Mills, Director, Channel Marketing, ScanSource
Award for Advancing Women in Technology Leadership: Dr. Georgette FraserMoore, CEO, President, Transformation Lead
Kris Blackmon, Chief Channel Officer, JS Group, won the Advancing Diversity in Technology Leadership Award
CompTIA Community Leadership Award: Corey Kirkendoll CEO, 5K Technical Services
CompTIA Industry Advisory Council Leadership Award Juan Fernandez, Cofounder and CEO, MSP Growth Coalition

Learn more about the winners. Shoer and Schildkraut also honored award winners from previous years, who were recognized during virtual events in 2020 & 2021, as well as volunteer leaders who fulfilled their board commitments.
Tech Opportunities in Government, Space and Trade Are Growing
MSPs have the opportunity to increase their revenue in all three levels of government, including local, state and federal government. This was discussed during a session on public sector tech. Alan Shark, CompTIA’s vice president for public sector initiatives, stated that “the business of government” is alive and well. Shark estimates that the Federal government spends $96 Billion a year on technology. This does not include special intelligence agencies, which could add $40 billion. In contrast, the combined spending of state and local agencies on technology is more than $111 billion. It’s growing. Federal funds are proving to be very beneficial for both state and local governments. This presents members with a tremendous opportunity. Shark stated that verticals include health and human services and education, housing, utilities, public safety and transportation. You can watch the session now.
Managed Services Community: How to Grow Your Company
Despite the uncertainty, managed service providers (MSPs), are looking for ways to grow their businesses in 2022. The Managed Services Community meeting was focused on how to achieve this growth. The community was pleased to welcome Carolyn April, senior director of industry analysis, CompTIA. Juan Fernandez, founder & CEO, MSP Growth Coalition, shared his story about owning a managed services company.

Author: Victoria