10 Things You Might Have Missed at The EMEA Member and Partner Conference 2022

Live from London, find out all you missed at the EMEA Partner Conference 2022. The EMEA Partner Conference 2022 offered something for everyone, from networking to educational sessions to connecting with friends. More than 500 people attended more than 20 sessions and visited 60 booths at the Technology Vendor Fair, which was held in central London. You may have missed something if you were unable to attend the event, even if it was your first time attending. Here are 10 things you need to know about the EMEA Partner Conference 2022.
CompTIA Members and Partners Decend on the Heart of London
More than 500 people gathered at etc.venues 133/Houndsditch in London, to discuss technology and business. More than 20 sessions were held to inform attendees about the latest updates and strategies to help build their businesses. They also learned how to collaborate, plan for future success, and share best practices in order to succeed long-term.
The Genius Cafe has become a regular feature at CompTIA conferences and was open to corporate members. They were also able to get one-on-one advice. These meetings were very popular and attendees were excited about the practical advice they received from industry experts on topics such sales, marketing, security, and leadership.
“It was great meeting people, answering their questions and having a robust discussion about cybersecurity; especially why identifying and solving business risk for clients will help the MSP become more successful,” said Wayne Selk (Vice President, cybersecurity programs, CompTIA). Selk was a cybersecurity genius at 2022 EMEA Partner and Member Conference.
CompTIA CEO: We Must Fight for More Tech Workers
“The only way the industry can get the talent it needs is to fight for it. Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA CEO, stated that we cannot assume that there will be a flood of people entering the industry. CompTIA announced Project Agora, the Greek word for “marketplace”), to help it fight for the millions of people we need in tech around the world.
Project Agora’s goal is to be the best place to build, grow and supercharge your tech career. It is designed to attract career-minded individuals so they can see the many tech careers available. It also provides a multitude of learning opportunities and engagement options for them to continue their tech career.
CompTIA releases a new UK legal playbook
CompTIA’s UK Legal Playbook was created to assist UK businesses in navigating the complex and costly process of running a technology company in the UK. It was released at the EMEA Member Conference 2022. It contains ten sections that provide expert advice on topics such as data protection and setting up your business.
Courtney Fong is chief operating officer of CompTIA UK. She stated that she believes CompTIA UK members will find UK Legal Playbook beneficial to their business’ overall security and health. “The UK Legal Playbook provides members with a vocabulary to use when speaking with their solicitors and specific issues to consider when seeking legal representation that best suits their unique business needs.”
Customer Experience is the Holy Grail for Surviving the Next Normal
Nancy Rademaker is one of very few international keynote speakers who covers digitization’s impact on customer and employee behavior. She is well-known for her passion for technology as well as her experience in education, training, and technology. Contrary to what the title suggests, customer experience is not limited to the customer. It must also include the employee.
Rademaker spoke out during a keynote presentation about how technology affects people’s behaviour. It allows them to create, share, and innovate. Rademaker stated that a strong focus on employee engagement and genuine leadership will be key to ensuring your business’s long-term success.
Reskilling and upskilling are key to filling in-demand job roles
The skills gap in the tech workforce continues to grow due to the increasing number of job opportunities and the depth and breadth of innovation. Zeshan Sattar (senior director, learning & skills certification, CompTIA), led a panel of experts from the partner space, who shared their thoughts about apprenticeships, training, bootcamps, and upskilling current tech workers.

Author: Victoria