2022 ITIL Foundation Review: Charles passed the ITIL Foundation Exam

Charles Deale recently passed his ITIL Foundation certification exam. Charles shared his ITIL journey and did an ITIL Foundation review. Charles shares his tips for passing the ITIL Foundation exam.

1- How long did it take to study for the ITIL Foundation certification exam.
As you can see, I spent about a month studying ITIL Foundation. I began my preparation for the ITIL Foundation exam by enrolling in Master of Project Academy’s ITIL foundation training.
After that, I reviewed my notes and practiced a few sample tests from the Master of Project website.
2- What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the ITIL Foundation certification exam.
Although some of the goals and objectives seemed confusing at first, once I started to imagine that I work in a company where ITIL is fully utilized, it became much easier to see them from an actual perspective.
It is difficult to find the right time to study for the ITIL Foundation exam, if you work full-time. Master of Project Academy’s online ITIL training allowed me to follow the lectures at my own pace, wherever and whenever I wanted. These were the most difficult parts of my ITIL Foundation review. Here’s how I overcame them.
3- What was the quality of ITIL Foundation certification training materials and how did they compare?
Master of Project Academy’s ITIL training material was thorough and highlighted the most important concepts for the exam. I was able to review the material and summarize it using videos and handouts. This is my ITIL Foundation review of the ITIL training materials of Master of Project Academy.
4- How similar were the questions on the real exam to the questions in Master of Project Academy’s material?
There were many similarities, but the ITIL foundation exam questions provide options where more than one question appears to be correct. Each question has at least two options that are closely related.
5- How many questions did you practice for the exam before taking it?
Master of Project Academy’s ITIL Foundation certification training has over 200 questions. To prepare for the ITIL Foundation certification exam, I practiced each of these and made mistakes repeatedly. I recommend that you practice as many ITIL questions as possible as part of your ITIL Foundation review.
6- How was the support during the training?
Excellent. I received prompt answers from the instructors and support staff whenever I had questions or technical issues. I usually received my answers within 24 hours.

7- Do any of your recommendations concern future ITIL Foundation certification exam applicants?
Yes, please read the questions carefully. Some of the answers are closely linked. Also, imagine working for an ITIL-adapted organization that uses the framework.
8- Do any of you have any tips or tricks for the ITIL Foundation certification exam?
Relax and take the time to read the questions carefully. Online proctoring allows you to take the ITIL Foundation certification exam from your home.
9- What would you recommend to a friend who is interested in ITIL Foundation certification?
Do not skimp on the preparations
Relax and follow a good ITIL Foundation study program.
Enjoy the process.
10- We would appreciate any comments or suggestions that could be useful to ITIL Foundation certified aspirants.
Imagine how this framework could be used to your advantage in your current company
Is it likely that Master of Project Academy would be recommended to a friend or colleague by you?
Very likely. High quality

Author: Victoria