2022 ITIL Training: Before you enroll in an ITIL training, read this

ITIL is a term that can be confusing if you work or plan to work in the IT ecosystem. This article will explain ITIL Foundation and ITIL Training.
Many disciplines have their own ways, practices, and standards. Engineers have their own, while the airlines have their standard operating procedures. The military has its best practices and standards that if followed will ensure success or the most efficient way to arrive at a solution. Information and Communication Technology is a growing discipline that has developed its best practices and standards. Some are mature, others not, some are localized and some are global.
IT Service Management is a set of activities that manage an IT ecosystem. This field has seen great growth with frameworks like ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), and COBIT (Control Objectives For Information and Related Technologies). You need to be trained in this framework, but you must have experience to master it. To enhance your knowledge, you can find an ITIL course that suits your needs. But first, let’s discuss what ITIL is and what ITIL Training is.
What does ITIL mean?
ITIL is a set best practices for IT Service Management. It is designed to align business needs with IT Services. To work in this industry, you must complete a training course. ITIL was created by the British Government. IBM had previously published a series of management books on service delivery systems. Through the British Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency, (CCTA), the British government wanted to create a more efficient, sufficient and high-quality IT Service. After being given the task of developing an efficient and cost-effective way to use IT resources, they came up with a framework.
The ITIL Framework, which consists of service support and delivery, was developed by the CCTA, now known as the Office of Government Commerce. Although it is different from the current ITIL Version 3, but based upon the same concepts, ITIL has evolved from its inception with 26 publications to ITIL Version 2. This version was only based two disciplines: service support and delivery.
The current ITIL version 3 is divided into the following stages or ITIL Lifecycle: Service Strategy, Service Design and Transition, ITIL Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement, ITIL Service Operation, and ITIL Service Transition.
What is ITIL Training?
It begins at the foundation level and continues to a master Level.

The Foundation level is designed to help you understand the core concepts and definitions of ITIL. It basically gives you the foundation for understanding the ITIL Framework. If you are interested in learning Karate or body fighting, the foundation level is learning punches & kicks. These punches and kicks correspond to the ITIL Training Foundation Level. You can then move on to an extended level similar to advanced ITIL training. ITIL training covers the basics of ITIL Lifecycle. This includes ITIL definitions, terminology and key elements.
You must pass a 60-minute supervised exam and score at least 65% to earn an ITIL Foundation Certification. ITIL Foundation is ranked at bloom’s taxonomy levels 1 and 2. It only tests knowledge and comprehension, indicating that ITIL Foundation is foundation level.

ITIL Training Foundation Learning Objectives
These areas are where the ITIL Foundation learning objectives are achieved. After passing the examination and training, knowledge and understanding of these principals can be gained.
Service management as a practice (comprehension).
The ITIL lifecycle (comprehension).
Generic concepts and definitions (awareness).
Understanding key principles and models
Selected processes (awareness)
Select functions (awareness).
Selected roles (awareness)
Technology and architecture

Author: Victoria