2022 MS Project Online Learning – Includes Free Options

You may have heard this phrase for a while and are looking for reliable information about MS Project. This article will help you reach your goal if that is the case.
What is Microsoft Project? What are the advantages of Microsoft Project? Microsoft Project is a Microsoft software application. This software application offers project management tools that can be used to manage projects. The program is also available in many versions. It was originally purchased from an alternative company in 1984. Learn more about Microsoft Project Certification.
Today, MS Project is used by more than 92% percent of project managers in Fortune 500 companies. This makes MS Project skills a necessity. Learn more about selecting a MS Project training program in this Microsoft Project Training post.
Microsoft released its version in 1985. Microsoft Project 2019 is the latest version. It allows users to:
Monitor and understand project and financing plans.
Connect and share project information.
Organise work and people to ensure projects are completed on schedule.

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Microsoft Project Key Features
Microsoft Project offers many features that can be used to help with project planning, project monitoring, and control. If you want to learn MS Project, you must first understand its key functions. These features will help you plan and manage your project budget, project schedule, and project resources. To help you become familiar with each of these key features, we will go through them one by one. We will also discuss the MS Project tools that can be used to manage these key domains and features.

Schedule management
Project planning and general planning are made easier by the ability to manage a project’s timeline. Microsoft Project provides a range of scheduling tools that can be used to help project managers plan the schedule for even the most complicated projects. It can create all types of relationships between activities, tasks, or projects. This is often difficult to do with standard tools. The predecessor function saves project managers time and effort while allowing them to easily plan project timelines and inspect, detect and fix schedule conflicts. Schedule visualization is another important function of Schedule Management. Microsoft Project provides multiple schedule views. Project managers and other users can change the view to a Gantt, bar, or network diagram.
Resource management
Microsoft Project allows project managers to create resource pools and then assign resources from these pools for different projects. This allows project managers to map resources to the project that they need, identify possible resources shortages, scarcity and conflicts, and create resource pools. It gives resource managers a visual representation of their resources and how they are distributed across different projects. It aids in resource sharing, resource leveling and optimization. This domain includes embedded tools such as Resource Engagements, which allows project managers to request resources directly from resource pools. It also allows resource managers approve or reject these requests. It allows resource managers/people managers to automate the resource allocation workflow.
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This domain also includes tools to manage and control resources through mini tools such as Resource Capacity heatmaps. Resource Capacity heatmaps ensure that company resources are productively used. The visualized resources dashboards provide quick information about the different resources. The mini tools also allow users to view different resources availability and usage.

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