7 Benefits of a IT Career Coach

“Each person has so much power within them that it is important to let out. Sometimes all they need is a little guidance, direction, support, or coaching to make the best of it. Pete Carroll
Everyone has a point in their career where they need support. A mentor or coach can help you make better career decisions, whether it’s with your supervisor or coworker in a difficult situation or deciding what the next steps should be in your career.
Evan Pardi, a sponsored triathlete by SPOTO, knows the value of a coach.
Evan stated that accountability is what keeps me going. “I feel like I’m part of a bigger machine, and that constant force keeps me moving forward makes it easy to get my work in. Training is not something you can do.
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1. MotivationMaintaining your motivation can be challenging when you’re already overworked, potentially underpaid, and maybe even undervalued. A coach can help you overcome those obstacles and keep a positive outlook.
Evan believes that part of the motivation equation must be self-discipline.
“[Self-discipline is] everything. It can be difficult some days and easy others, but self-discipline is essential. Evan stated that nothing is possible unless you do it yourself.
“I also like to see self-discipline as more’selfstubbornness. Be persistent in getting things done. You can always pick it up again if it fails. Keep going, be persistent [for] your own good.”
Your IT career will be more successful if you combine self-discipline and strong motivation from your mentor. Your coach can help you find your purpose and channel your energies in the right direction by motivating you.
“While there may be people with more talent than you, there is no reason for anyone not to work harder than yourself.” ~ Derek Jeter
2. DirectionGood coaches can help you find the direction you need in order to move forward. It is easy to get caught up in the demands and urgent requests of the fast-paced IT world. Mentors can help you see beyond the daily challenges and help you to assess the path you are on, where it is leading, as well as how to adjust your course if necessary.
Evan is grateful for the way his coach works with Evan while supporting him and challenging him in his training.
Evan stated that a coach must have a long-term eye and be able to motivate people. A coach with good balance will make you feel like they care about your daily grind and also understand where you are going in the future.
It is easy to get lost in the details of IT work. A mentor can help you navigate the daily challenges and keep you moving forward in your career.
“Success is impossible without self-discipline,” says Lou Holtz. ~ Lou Holtz
3. Objective observation It’s easy for you to lose your objectivity when you’re busy. A mentor or coach can make objective observations about you, your workplace, career, and aspirations. It is important to have objectivity when evaluating where you want your life to take you and how you can get there.
Evan found it difficult to seamlessly transition from one sport to another, even while training for triathlon.
After triathlon, I had a lot trouble running. Evan stated that I became more frustrated with my struggles. “It took an outside, objective perspective to get me to pace myself,” Evan said.

Author: Victoria