All you need to know about CCNA Certification

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About CCNA Certification
Earning CCNA Certification
What you’ll learn
There are many job opportunities
Recertification and validity policy
Every day, infrastructure, software, and networking become more interconnected. You must be knowledgeable about the latest networking technologies to make a career in technology. CCNA certification is a great way to get into the networking industry and move up.
About CCNA Certification
CCNA stands to be Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is an IT certification program by Cisco Systems. This program is designed by Cisco to help you demonstrate your IT skills in an ever-changing environment. It covers a wide range of IT basics, including network fundamentals and IP connectivity. It is an associate-level certification, which is updated to reflect the most recent technologies and job roles.
Earning CCNA Certification
The CCNA program offers training and certification that focuses primarily on the technologies needed to implement IT infrastructure and networking.
You must pass the 200-301 Cisco Certified Network Associate exam to earn CCNA certification. The CCNA 200-301 exam is a 120-minute exam which validates an individual’s knowledge and skills in network fundamentals, IP connectivity and network access. It also covers automation and programmability. Candidates can prepare for the exam by taking the course Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions.
CCNA 200-301 is a 120-minute exam that scores 825 out 1000.

Although there is no prerequisite for the CCNA certification exam (but it is recommended):
Basic knowledge of IP addressing

Understanding the fundamentals of network operations

Experience in implementing and managing Cisco solutions for at least one year

What you’ll learn
Network fundamentals

Architecture for network topology

IPv4 and IPv6 address

Wireless principles

Virtualization fundamentals

Switching concepts

Access to the Internet

Interswitch connectivity

Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP


Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP Modes

WLAN components

IP connectivity

IPv4 static routing and IPv6 dynamic routing

OSPFv2 Single Area

First hop redundancy protocol

Components of the routing table

Services IP



DHCP client and relay


Security fundamentals

Threats, vulnerabilities and exploits.

Remote access and site to site VPNs

DHCP snooping and dynamic ARP inspection. Port security

Accounting, authorization, and authentication concepts

Wireless security protocols

Automation and programmability

Automation’s impact on network management

Software defined and controller-based architectures

REST-based APIs

Configuration management mechanisms

You can view the complete list here.
It serves as a solid foundation for building or supporting IT infrastructure

Enhance the skills of your teams to manage and optimize today’s most advanced networks.

Accreditation at the associate level is a great way to increase trust and recognition in the industry.

Gain real-world knowledge to boost your company’s growth

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There are many job opportunities
CCNA certification focuses primarily on security, cloud and wireless, collaborations and routing and switching. CCNA job specialists are highly sought after for their ability to maximize the technological solutions that are constantly being improved by various organizations. These are some possible job opportunities that you can pursue after obtaining your CCNA certification.
Entry-level network engineer

Help desk technician

Administrator of the network

Network support technician

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Recertification and validity policy
The CCNA certification is valid three years after the date you earn it.
To retain active status, you will need to take the entire exam again after your certification expires. The CCNA certification policy has a three year renewal period. This policy begins from the date of certification. Recertification can be applied for by certified candidates at any time during the active phase. This includes earning continuing education credits or the next level certification.
Recommendations for Training
All you need to pass the CCNA exam is the right training. NetCom Learning, an authorized Cisco learning partner, provides the most reliable and authentic CCNA Course, Implementing Cisco Solution (CCNA), which will help you gain knowledge about network basics and pass the 200-301 CCNA Exam.
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