AWS Certification Exam Cheat sheet

AWS Certification Exam Cheat sheet
AWS Certification Exams cover many topics and a wide variety of services. Each service has its own features, patterns, anti-patterns, and integration with other services. This blog post will give you a quick overview of all services and key points before you take the exam.
AWS Global Infrastructure
AWS Region, AZs and Edge locations
Each region is an independent geographic area that is isolated from all other regions. This helps to achieve maximum fault tolerance and stability.
The public Internet allows communication between regions.
Each region has its own Availability Zones
Each AZ is geographically isolated and physically isolated from each other. They are designed as an independent failure zone.
AZs can be connected to low-latency private connections (not the public internet).
AWS Local Zones
AWS Local Zones allow you to run highly-demanding applications such as media & entertainment content creation and real-time gaming.
AWS Wavelength provides a secure, high-bandwidth connection between local workloads, and those running in the AWS Region. This allows you to seamlessly connect with all the in-region services using the same APIs and tool sets.
AWS infrastructure deployments embed AWS compute, storage and other services within the datacenters of telecommunications providers and allow seamless access to the full range of AWS services in the region.
AWS Outposts
AWS Outposts provide native AWS services, infrastructure and operating models to any data center, colocation space or on-premises facility.
AWS Outposts can be used in connected environments to support workloads that require local data processing, low latency, compliance, or compliance.
AWS Services
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AWS Management Tools Cheat SheetAWS Organisations
AWS Organizations offers policy-based administration for multiple AWS accounts
Organizations allow the creation of groups of accounts, and then apply policies to these groups
Organizations allows you to centrally manage policies across multiple accounts without the need for custom scripts or manual processes.
Organizations can simplify billing by setting up a single payment method for all accounts through consolidate billing.
Multiple linked accounts can be used to pay your account
The payment account should only be used for billing purposes.
If a Cross Account role is used, a paying account cannot access other accounts’ resources.
All linked accounts have an independent limit of 20
One bill per AWS account
Volume pricing discount available for all accounts
Allows for the application of Reserved Instances not used across the group
The accountsTags and Resource Groups do not offer a free tier.
Metadata, which are specified as key/value pairs in the AWS resources, are called metadata
These labels are used for labelling and help organizing resources.
Can be inherited from created resources such as Cloud Formation, Auto Scaling, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Formation, etc
Can be used to allocate costs

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