Book Review: Human Resource Skills for Project Managers

Human Resource Skills for Project Managers: The Human Aspects Of Project Management, Volume 2
Vijay K. Verma’s book provides a comprehensive overview of project aspects related to relationships, communication, human capital, and other areas. It was helpful in the descriptions and general information.
The book is divided into six main sections: Communication and Motivation, Conflict, Negotiation and Stress, Leadership, and Negotiation. You may recognize some of my posts that have been written about areas that interest me.
I was particularly inspired by the communication, motivation, negotiation chapters. This motivated me to continue my research into these topics and seek out industry and academic research.
This was a great textbook to use in my HR Project Management class. Anyone who wants to understand the areas of project management is well advised to read it. It is a great place to begin your journey to self-improvement. It might help you to see the negative effects of some of your actions that you may not be aware of.
It is laid out in the same way as a text book, but it has a soft cover and is shorter than a novel. It is not something I would consider a casual or easy read. It’s not as dry as the PMBOK Guide, however.

Author: Victoria