CRISC Certification Exam: Everything You Need To Know

September 12, 2018 How to Pass CRISC (Certified In Risk and Information Systems Control Certification Exam)
It is crucial to pass a professional exam that evaluates your abilities in order to establish your career. The ISACA CRISC (Certified Information Security Manager), certification marks your niche in organizational risk management. This certification will allow you to have a wide range career options.
This article will discuss all details about how to achieve this certification and what career options you have if you are successful.
What is Certified Information Security Manager Certification (CRISC), ISACA?
CRISC (Certified Information Security Manager), certification allows individuals to learn the skills necessary to manage and design an organization’s information safety system. It is a requirement for candidates who are interested in a career in information security at large IT companies.
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), under ISO/IEC 17024, 2012, has accredited the program. The exam is four hours long and you will need to answer 150 questions. These questions cover topics such as risk identification, management, reporting, and analysis.
What is ISACA?
ISACA was formerly known as the “Information Systems Audit and Control Association”. It is an independent, non-profit association that promotes the acquisition of skills in the areas information security, assurance, and risk management.
What are the requirements and how can I apply for CRISC certification?
This certification can be obtained by:
Register for the CRISC exam by submitting an application
Prepare all course topics.
Take the exam.
Keep the certification you have earned and continue to renew it.
Candidates must not only pass the examination but also comply with the following criterion.
Respect the ISACA code of professional ethics
You agree to continue your education. This means that you must earn at least 20 CPE hours each year and 120 CPE over a three-year period.
Submit a request for CISM certification
What is the cost of CRISC Certification?
For 2017, the CRISC certification cost is USD $575 for members, and USD $760 to non-members. If you are a member, you will pay USD $525 and USD $710 for early registration.
A maintenance fee must be paid if an aspirant wishes to continue to pursue the policy of continuing education. The fee for ISACA members is USD $45, while non-members are charged USD $85 There are renewal fees that may be applicable from time-to-time. They are USD $20 for members, and USD $35 for those who are not members. The application for certification costs USD $50.
What are the topics covered in Certified I?

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