Cybersecurity Skills Needed

What is the cybersecurity skills gap? And what can your company do to address it? The COVID-19 pandemic has many ramifications that will remain in our minds for ever. These include supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages and a shift to virtual work and education. I.T. is also feeling the effects of the pandemic. Departments in thousands of businesses around the world.
As the Internet of Things becomes more sophisticated, the threat of cybercriminals is even more real.
This is compounded by the fact that cybersecurity has a large skills gap, which is only expected to increase. Experts predict that cybersecurity will have 3.5 million jobs by 2025. Microsoft launched an international campaign to address the cybersecurity skills gap to help businesses around the world defend themselves against ever-evolving cyberattacks. It’s clear that organizations must invest in high-quality training programs and certification programs to keep up with cybersecurity threats.
What can your company do to address the cybersecurity skills gap
You may be looking to improve your I.T. New Horizons offers extensive training programs to prepare your business for cybercriminals.
Cisco: Network
Formal training in Cisco technologies is more productive, less error-prone, and offers customers and employers more value than those who only receive on-the-job training. Cisco certification and training are available if you have made an investment in Cisco technologies.
Cisco products can be used to their full potential. This allows you to maximize your IT investment.
Certified professionals can make your company stronger. They are your best option to overcome the growing skills gap. CompTIA certifications and training are designed to equip you with the necessary skills for multi-vendor IT environments. CompTIA certifications can be recognized under DoD Directive 8570.1 M as well as the State Department Skills Incentive program.
New research has shown that IT professionals who have CompTIA Security+ or CompTIA A+ certification perform better than those who don’t. Learn more in the CompTIA eBook: The Impact Certifications Have on Performance
EC-Council: Security
Ethical hacking is hacking that is performed by a person or group of people, usually hired by companies and governments to identify potential threats to a computer network or computer. An ethical hacker seeks to bypass security and find weak points that could allow malicious hackers to exploit.
Ethical Hacking is often used in a method known as Penetration Testing. It involves forcing access to systems or networks to find vulnerabilities. This can lead to financial loss or data loss. This webinar focuses on EC-Council Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Trends. New Horizons is proud that it offers two valuable courses that enable cybersecurity professionals to use hacking to their advantage, EC Council Certified Network Defender (CND), and EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH).
Microsoft: Security and Cloud
Arming your I.T. team can help you defend against cyberthreats Microsoft Security Training is available to your team. Microsoft provides the resources and tools to properly protect, authenticate, authorize, and authorize Azure AD and Windows Server.
To ensure that your devices, identities and apps are protected, you can train your team with Microsoft Security courses. New Horizon’s Microsoft Security training is authorized by Microsoft. It explains all options and provides solutions that are suitable for your security, compliance, identity, and privacy needs.
We also offer role-specific training and certification tracks.
Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity FundamentalsMicrosoft Security Operations Analyst AssociateMicrosoft Identity and Access Administrator AssociateMicrosoft 365 Security Administrator AssociateMicrosoft Azure Security Engineer AssociateThere is a lot at stake as the cybersecurity skills gap continues to grow. Cyberattacks are becoming more common in companies. The cybersecurity industry is also suffering from a shortage of talent and innovation. This lack of innovation and diversity of perspectives means that “the good guys” are falling further behind as cybercriminals continue to evolve. It is time to upgrade your company’s I.T. Your organization’s defense against cybercrime is a priority.
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Author: Victoria