Do you want to increase your career potential in 2020? Check out these Top 5 Project Management Certifications

July 30, 2020. Project management certifications are now the signifiers of competence and commitment of project managers to their field. However, there are many PM certificates that you can choose from. This blog post will highlight some of the most highly-paid project management credentials, which are expected to be in high demand in 2020 and beyond. These certifications are based on continuous research and rigorous standards that meet the current real-world needs for any organization.
A project management certificate shows that you are able to meet the needs of employers and projects around the world. You can have one on your resume and work in any industry using any PM methodology anywhere in this world. Here are the top 10 project management certifications for 2020.
1. PMP – Project Management Professional
The Project Management Professional credential, which is widely recognized and sought after by companies around the world, is the gold standard in the project management industry. This certificate demonstrates one’s ability to perform exceptionally as a project manager, leading teams and managing projects.
Your career will be enhanced by the PMP certification. It is a top-rated project management certificate because it shows employers that you have the skills, commitment, and experience they are looking for. Reliablesources report that holders of this credential can earn up to 25% more than those without it.
You must have experience in project management to be eligible for the PMI certificate. The following are other requirements:
A four-year degree, or a high school diploma.
Minimum 35 hours of project management education/training or the CAPM badge
Minimum of 3-5 years experience in leading projects.
For anyone who contributes to a project’s success, the PMI PMP certification will be a great choice. This certification validates your ability and knowledge to manage projects.
2. PgMP – Program Management Professional
Program Management Professional is a sought-after certificationdesigned for those specialists who manage multiple complex projects to achieve goodorganizational and strategic results. The program managers are the senior-levelpractitioners at the forefront of advancing the strategic goals of theirorganizations. You manage multiple related projects in a coordinated fashion, which allows you to reap the benefits of a collaboration that is unlike any other.
Program management maturity is often a key factor in the success of any organization’s projects. This means that your leadership is extremely instrumental

Author: Victoria