Every IT professional should start with AWS Cloud Practitioner

IT professionals need to have a basic understanding of cloud concepts, even if they don’t involve in implementations. AWS is a great option in terms of marketability, since you must start somewhere. AWS revenue increased by 41% in the first quarter 2019. This is higher than the 25% revenue growth for Google Cloud Platform, and ties reported growth rates Microsoft’s commercial cloud business which includes Azure. It’s no surprise that AWS training courses are so in demand right now.
AWS Cloud Practitioner is the first level of AWS certifications. It is the only credential at the Foundational level. It is a great starting point for IT professionals looking to learn more about cloud computing tools such as PaaS and IaaS.
We’ll first discuss AWS and how AWS Cloud Practitioner fits in the AWS certifications pathway. Next, we’ll discuss why you should get the Practitioner Certification and how it would benefit you. It is important to understand the market demand for AWS Practitioners and the types of jobs available. Also, what starting salaries can you expect.
What is AWS?
A certification is only as valuable if it supports the platform.
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Start trainingAWS is a cloud-based service that offers Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service and Platform as a Service. This comprehensive toolkit allows companies to move away from costly capital expenditures and on-premise dependencies. There has been a lot of talk about moving to cloud computing.
Cloud computing services have the main advantage of allowing you to run your IT environment entirely from the cloud. There is very little hardware that you need to purchase and maintain. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform all have well-known logos that can be used to endorse them. However, they vary in terms of support, pricing, and ease-of use.
These are just a few of many features that make AWS so appealing and increase the value for AWS certifications:
Over 100 configurable, feature-rich services
Regular updates for services and applications
Pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-use pricing
The Infrastructure Transition Partner Network (APN), assists with the transition process
AWS has 60 regions and a highly developed ecosystem — more than any other provider. Twelve more are on the way.

How AWS Practitioners Fit into the AWS Certification Schema
AWS Cloud Practitioner was launched in 2017. It is the gateway to specialty and higher-level certifications. The material that prepares you to take the exam does not require any prerequisites. While it is not required for AWS certifications, it makes the transition easier for candidates who are from other IT specializations. Even if you don’t work in a cloud-based environment, it is a good idea. The AWS Certification Guide contains the complete AWS certification program.
Earn the Cloud Practitioner Certification
This certification is the best way for you to demonstrate a high-level understanding and proficiency in AWS. This certification helps bridge the gap between cloud experts and non-technical coworkers. This certification is for cloud experts and transitioning from on-premises solutions. It gives you a solid foundation to expand your cloud computing knowledge, as well as prepares you to dive into the technical aspects of AWS.
IT professionals will reap the following benefits by obtaining AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification:
Learn about cloud computing and validate your understanding
You can fast track to a better-paying job
You can save money without sacrificing quality

Validate or acquire understanding of cloud computing. This cert l validates your knowledge of AWS. This certification goes beyond the key concepts and demonstrates a deep understanding of AWS’s value proposition, use cases, and other aspects. The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification certifies that you have the following skills:

Author: Victoria