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A Google Professional Cloud Developer is a person who creates highly available, scalable applications using Googlerecommended practices and tools. These tools can be fully managed. They are also familiar with next-generation databases, runtime environment, and developer tools. They are proficient in at least one general-purpose programming languages. They are proficient in using Stackdriver to provide meaningful metrics and logs to trace and debug code.
Key Skills for Professional Cloud Developers
The Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer GCP exam tests your ability to perform the following tasks:
First, the ability to design cloud-native applications that are highly scalable, available, reliable, and scalable.
Second, build and test your applications.
Eventually, Ability to integrate Google Cloud Platform services.
Also, manage application performance monitoring.
Finally, the ability to deploy applications.
Who should take the Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam
You will need to have hands-on experience with next generation databases, runtime environments, and developer tools in order to pass the Gcp Professional cloud Developer Exam. To create new APIs or invoke Google APIs, you will need to be proficient in at least one general purpose programming languages. You will also need to be skilled with Stackdriver to generate meaningful metrics and logs to trace and debug your code.
Study Guide: Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer
There are some powerful, yet simple methods that can help you prepare for the Google Professional Cloud Developer certification exam. It is important to learn from authentic and legitimate resources that are most suitable for your preparations. This guide will help you pass the exam with flying colors.
Exam Objectives: Review all
Before you embark on any adventure, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are getting yourself into. Reviewing each exam objective is an important part of your preparation. To download the exam guide, visit the Official Website of Google Cloud. This exam guide will help you understand each topic in detail. This guide will help you prepare for each topic in detail.
Domain 1: Designing cloud-native apps that are highly scalable, available and reliable
This domain focuses on the design of performance applications, APIs and secure apps. It also covers managing application data, and Re-architecting apps from local services to Google Cloud Platform.
Domain 2: Building and Testing Applications
This domain teaches you how to set up your development environment, build a continuous integration pipeline, test, and write code.
Domain 3: Deploying applications
This domain also includes the implementation of appropriate deployment strategies based upon the target compute environment, and deploying applications on Compute Engine. Deploying applications and services on Google Kubernetes Engine and deploying an app to App Engine. Also, creating data storage resources, deploying, and implementing networking resources.
Domain 4: Integrating Google Cloud Platform Services
This domain focuses primarily on integrating an app with Data and Storage services, integrating a application with compute services, and integrating Google Cloud APIs into applications.
Domain 5: Monitoring Application Performance
This domain also includes integrating Google Cloud APIs into applications, managing VMs and viewing application performance metrics using Stackdriver. It also helps with diagnosing and resolving any application performance issues.
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