How to fix the mistakes made by our teams

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Why is it that sometimes our team members are so terrible? Why can’t they do what we ask?
They make all the right sounds while we are briefing them. They smile, nod, and make all of the right gestures. We check on them after the time is up and find that they have not completed the task, aren’t doing it correctly or have done something entirely different.
It’s a complaint that I hear often from project managers: The people they manage aren’t producing the work.
Britney sometimes can’t get it all the time…
If teams fail to produce what they need, clients get mad, project costs exceed budget, people work late and everyone becomes stressed.
Why can’t our teams grasp this?
It is easy to see why our resources are so limited. They are lazy and can’t do the job correctly. We wonder how they got hired. How is it possible to keep a job and not get fired? The same goes for people we manage. Why can’t people do the things they’re supposed to?
But do they really know what to do?
Are we really capable of leading them to success?
The One Minute Manager can help you explain the situation. Sometimes people can appear to be losers.
It’s not you. It’s me.
Project managers often feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed by their work.
Another day in project management
It’s partly the tools.
We never told them.
We may have copied them on email, created a task or @mentioned them in Slack. This is not a proper briefing. It is not acceptable to say, “We’re working agile” but “The team’s just doing incremental iterations”. You should be clear about your intentions. It’s a waste if it’s a free-for-all.
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How to make your message concise.
People don’t do what we want them to because they aren’t clear on what they need, why, how to do it, and when.
We’re experiencing communication breakdown.
Clear communication and correct briefing are fundamentally about understanding.
Clear briefing is essential. Do it once, and it will be done right.
Your team will love you.
Imagine a world where your team loves and supports you.
Why you can’t afford not to be shorter
We must all apply the same level risk management to our team members.
They might not be aware of what they are doing. They may not be aware of what they are doing. This can result in a lot wasted time and money. We can also become annoyed with them and make it difficult for them to do the job. To reduce the risk, we need to ensure that our employees are properly briefed.
To get more done, it is important to make people feel good about themselves.
The One-Minute Manager. It is a huge mistake to think that you are saving money or time by only submitting briefs. The brief, whether it’s a creative brief, a project brief, or even a comment, is what you need to focus on.

Author: Victoria