How to get a Cloud Security Knowledge Certificate

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What is CCSK Certification?Roadmap to Earning Your CCSK CertificationCCSK exam module
What is CCSK Certification?
Platform information security professionals are essential as industries move to the cloud. The CCSK certification, widely recognized as the standard in cloud security knowledge, provides you with a uniform supplier knowledge of how data is protected in the cloud. The CCSK certification can be used to gain additional cloud skills for specific vendors or professional positions.
This article will show you how to earn your cloud security knowledge certificate (CCSK).
Roadmap to Getting Your CCSK Certification
The CCSK will equip you with the knowledge necessary to design a comprehensive cloud security program that follows internationally accepted norms. These are some key indicators that will help you stay focused while studying for and passing the exam.
Learn all about the exam
Learn what you need to know about studying
Choose the method of study
Study materials
Real-world exam
1. Learn all about the exam. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a knowledge-based credential, created this exam to help professionals understand new risks and use appropriate security procedures to protect cloud computing.
Prerequisites: Although CCSK does not require any prior experience, it is recommended that you have some knowledge about cloud computing and related threats. It will also be very helpful to have a basic understanding of security concepts such as firewall, encryption, secure programming, identity and access management.
This certification is for anyone who is interested in learning more about cloud security or pursuing a career of a cloud security specialist. It is highly beneficial to Computer Analysts and Cloud Administrators, Cloud Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Cloud Engineers.
Exam Details: The exam can be taken online and is open to all. You can start an exam at any time that suits you. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. 60 questions will be asked from the CCSK database. Minimum passing score is 80%.
2. Learn what you need to knowThe Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge is the industry’s first certificate in cloud security. You need to be able to understand what you need to study in order to earn CCSK certification. These are the modules that make up CCSK certification.
Module for the CCSK exam
Module 1: Cloud computing fundamentals
All you need to know about cloud computing basics is necessary to get started. This module will cover the basics of cloud computing, including architecture and basic definitions.
Module 2: Cloud computing security and infrastructure
This module covers securing the core infrastructure of cloud-computing-cloud elements, networks, management interfaces, and administrator privileges.
Module 3: Managing cloud security risk
This module addresses legal compliance and risk assessment.
Module 4: Data security and cloud computing
This module covers data security in the cloud, encryption for IaaS and SaaS as well as data security lifecycle.
Module 5: Identity management and application security for cloud computing
This module focuses on identity and access management, secure development life cycle (SSDLC), as well as cloud testing.
Module 6: Cloud security operations
This module covers the most important factors to consider when selecting, managing, and analyzing cloud computing providers.
3. You can choose how to studyWhen studying for any exam, it is important to choose how you want. The following types of study are available:
Study on your own: You can study for the exam online, through blogs or videos.
Enroll in training

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