How to Prepare for MCSD Certification

September 12, 2018, This blog entry will explain what the MCSD Certification is, how it works and how to prepare for it. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MSCD), an intermediate level Microsoft Certification, is available to students and IT professionals. The MCSD certification is ideal for individuals who develop enterprise solutions based upon Microsoft technologies and tools. Common job titles that require certification (e.g. MCSD) upon application are:
Software Architect
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Senior Software Programmer/Developer/Engineer.
Requirements for MCSD Certification
Pre-exam requirements are the most important thing to check when preparing for MCSD certification. Although there are no education requirements for MCSD certifications, most individuals have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Microsoft recommends that candidates have at least 1 to 2 years experience in a particular technology solution for many certification exams. The MCSD exam requires that candidates have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
Exams for MCSD Certification
Each applicant must pass multiple exams to complete the MCSD certification. Each exam must be focused on a specific programming language, platform, or service. To complete the MCSD Azure Solutions Architect certification track an applicant must pass three main exams.
Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions [Exam Code: 70-532]
Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (Exam Code 70-533)
Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions [Exam code 70-534]
MCSD 70-532
The MCSD 70-532 exam was designed for developers with a high level of.NET experience. This exam requires you to be proficient in development techniques and tools as well as having experience in developing resilient, scalable solutions. These are the topics that make up the MCSD 70-532 exam:
Design and Implement Websites (15-20%)
Virtual Machines (20-25%)
Cloud services (20-25%)
Implement a storage strategy (20-25%)
Manage network and application services (15-20%)
The official page of MCSD 70-532 contains the complete exam objectives.
MCSD 70-533
The MCSD Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533 exam is for IT professionals. It is recommended that anyone who intends to take this exam has experience with the implementation of solutions on Azure. Candidates must be familiar with Active Directory, PowerShell, networking, and other infrastructure aspects in order to pass the 70-533 exam. These are the topics that make up the MCSD 70-533 exam:
Use websites
Virtual machines can be implemented
Implement cloud services
Implement an Azure Active Directo

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