It’s the season to refresh your IT skills

It’s a great time to focus your attention on your career and make improvements to your skills as the New Year approaches. You can make yourself indispensable at your current job or change your career path in 2017 by improving your IT skills. It is a significant investment that should be made with care. Which skills will give you the best competitive edge in 2017? Let’s look at some key areas that you should brush up on.
Application development
This is a skill that has been incredibly popular in recent years and will be essential for IT development for the future. Think about all the applications that you use every day – from email and filesharing platforms at work to mobile apps at home and social media. There is an app for almost everything. Before those programs can be downloaded to your mobile device or desktop at work, they must first be developed by someone with unique skills.
Computer World spoke with Jack Cullen, the president of Modis IT staffing company. He said that today’s businesses require people who can create new apps and adapt existing ones to fit their needs. Even if you don’t have the technical skills to create the next great app from scratch, it’s worth learning the skills needed to update and maintain existing apps or adapt current programs to meet your company’s needs.
Data visualization
Big data has been a hot topic in every industry for some time now. It is helping decision-makers gain the insights they need to make the right strategic moves for their companies. Data without context can make it difficult to achieve that goal. This has made data visualization and presentation more important than ever. According to LinkedIn’s Top Skills of 2016, data presentation ranked eighth.
Catherine Fisher, a LinkedIn contributor, wrote that employers need employees who can organize data in a way that is easy to understand.
You may be interested in big data and the potential benefits it can bring to your company. This is the right time for you to study visualization and presentation. This skill will make you a valuable member of the workforce and get you noticed by the board.
Help Desk Support
“This skill is sure to get you the attention of your boardroom.”
The IT help desk is becoming more important than ever as technology has enabled us to perform many of our most important functions. However, this position has been subject to a shortage of skills in the past. It can be extremely difficult to find the right person to answer your company’s most pressing IT questions.
This job is worth considering if you have more advanced IT skills. This position will become even more important as technology advances and changes. A broad knowledge base is essential for help desk personnel, especially when it comes to vendor-specific solutions such as those offered by Microsoft and Cisco. This is something you might consider if you are interested in obtaining certifications from a trusted company like New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.
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Author: Victoria