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Understanding the Medicare Difference
Medicare has a number of different pieces that join together to create a unique, individualized, health care program for participants. Seniors, 65+ and individuals who meet certain requirements are allowed to enroll in Medicare, a government sponsored health care initiative. Medicare was established to meet the health care concerns of today’s seniors at a pivotal point in their lives.
The program itself has changed over time in order to adjust to what enrollees need most. In order to maximize benefits to seniors the Medicare program allows private insurance companies to provide Medigap policies for sale. Medigap insurance plans are in place to help participants fill gaps in coverage that may exist in the Original Medicare program, Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B combined.
The Medicare policy that you choose affects:
Out of pocket costs
Benefit coverage
Physician selection
Administrative conveniences

Medicare Part A Coverage Includes:
Hospice care
Health care provided in home
Skilled nursing homes
Inpatient hospital visits

Medicare Part B Coverage Includes:
Fees charged by physicians
Medical expenses
Outpatient hospital care
Medical services that do not require hospitalization
Preventative health care
Preventative screenings & shots
Laboratory services

Medicare Advantage Coverage Includes:
Private fee service plans

The Medicare Advantage Plan is offered through private companies that contract with Medicare. Enrollees in Medicare Advantage Plans health care services are not covered under Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B, Original Medicare. Instead the services that are health care services provided to them are covered under the Medicare Advantage Plan they are enrolled in.
Medigap Insurance Plans
Medigap, also known as Medicare Supplemental Insurance, are ten unique insurance policies that are offered by private insurance companies to cover gaps to participants enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.There are ten different Medigap Plans available. They are labeled alphabetically, Plan A through Plan N. These policies are offered as additional coverage to Original Medicare and cannot be purchased on their own.Medigap Plan D – Prescription Drug Coverage
Medigap Plan D, otherwise known as prescription drug coverage, is a supplemental insurance plan that is available to all Medicare Part A & Part B participants. It works in conjunction with other Medigap supplemental insurance plans likewise is offered for sale through private insurance companies.FREE Medigap Supplemental Insurance Quotes Online.

Author: Victoria