Meet the Trainer: Steve Richards

Indiana native. In the 60s, my dad offered me a job as a cameraman at Time-Life.
Expertise and certifications Both my parents have been creative professionals since I was born. No certifications per se. I have had the privilege of learning from and working with some great pioneers in the film/computer graphic industry. Practice makes perfect. For 25 years, I have been using Adobe products (InDesign and Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition and Premiere) daily.
Since December 2013, CBT
You can find me when I’m not making SPOTO video. . . Spending time with my family. There are five children, three grandchildren (soon to become four), two pit bulls, two pit bulls, a slew of chickens, goats and cats, as well as a duck and a miniature horse.
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Start trainingFavorite Nugget that he’s created: Adobe InDesign. It is the only one. . . (So far)
Being a trainer is the best thing about it. . . : You have the opportunity to help someone. I learn something every day.
Because he is passionate about video training, . . : Student variety. Multiple skill sets. Multiple experience levels. Multiple learning strategies. Multiple availability schedules are possible. All are acceptable within this medium.
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Author: Victoria