Microsoft Azure – How a Certification Can Help You Stand Out

Without a doubt, the cloud is a powerful asset to any company’s infrastructure. Cloud environments can be used to increase productivity and enable employees to use the most advanced tools to collaborate and achieve enterprise success.
IT professionals are increasingly seeking certifications to help them understand the intricacies of cloud technology. A cloud-aligned class can make all the difference for your career and for the overall health of your company.
Microsoft Azure is one of the cloud-related certifications that are available. This includes courses that focus on solutions architecture and web application development. A Microsoft Azure certification can be a huge boon and help you stand out from others in this technology field.
Why not get a Microsoft Azure certification?
There are many good reasons to add Microsoft Azure as a cloud certification option to your list.
Azure usage is rising
Multiple industry experts claim that Microsoft Azure is quickly becoming one of the most popular cloud platforms. MSPowerUser reported that although Amazon Web Services has leading command of the infrastructure-as-a-service marketplace today, that could change within the next few years. A 2016 survey of chief information officers in America and Europe found that AWS would be outsold by Azure by 2019 in terms of IaaS market share. This would be by more than 30 percent. Synergy Research Group also found that Microsoft had the second highest year-overyear growth in the global cloud infrastructure services market.
What does all this mean for your company? It is likely that your company will use a Microsoft Azure-based cloud solution within the next few months, or years. This expertise can make it a huge advantage for the deployment, maintenance, and overall use of these important technological assets. Microsoft’s market growth is encouraging as they shift to a cloud company. It seems that the more trust companies have in Microsoft, the more they will turn to trusted vendors like Microsoft.
Azure offers many technological advantages
It’s easy for Microsoft to be the market leader when you consider the powerful capabilities and features that Azure solutions can offer. Microsoft was a respected name in technology before it entered the cloud sector. Azure is only adding to that standing.
Azure services are well-known by many employees. Microsoft offers a great user experience. Many platforms offer easy-to-use tool set that are compatible with functions that users already know how to use. Ed Kirchmier, an AAJ Technologies contributor, noted that Azure solutions can be integrated with other Microsoft solutions, creating a more integrated IT system.
Kirchmier wrote, “Investing in cloud platforms that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft products makes sense.” “Organisations can also use the Azure virtual machines that they use on-premises. This simplifies operations. Many industry experts believe that Azure will slowly but surely gain acceptance due to its ability to offer users an integrated and seamless service package.

There are many learning styles available:
If New Horizons Learning Group’s offerings are any indication, there is a wide variety of Azure-related courses you can choose from. These classes range from the more basic classes that will help you understand the basics of Azure to advanced courses that cover design, development, and implementation. No matter your IT career stage or your skills, there are courses that will benefit your professional growth.

Microsoft’s Born To Learn Blog highlighted three courses that are particularly relevant to those who want to become an Azure specialist. Veronica Sopher from Microsoft says that Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions) and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions) are the best courses.
Sopher stated that any type of specialist certification can help you stand out from the crowd. “Azure is a must-have certification to demonstrate your skills, given the increasing importance of the cloud.”
If you are still not convinced, take a look at this piece by Chris Pietschmann who recently earned his Azure Solutions Architect certification.
“Microsoft has really created an amazing, cloud platform that’s Azure!” Pietschmann wrote. “And, this is fitting because it’s the future for Microsoft’s Enterprise business. This is why I decided to pursue the MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect certification.

Author: Victoria