Software Review: ProjectPulse [2015]

General Information
Name: ProjectPulse
Vendor: ProjectPulse, Inc.
Hosting options: Only web. Although there is no app yet, the website is mobile-friendly. It is software as a service.
$19 per Month for a ‘Freelancer’
$45 per Month for ‘Team.
$95 per Month for ‘Agency.

Languages: English
Online project reports: Basic features
ProjectPulse software is a reporting tool. It allows you to create a project and add milestones. Then it will build a report for your. These are known as’status pages’.
Tasks can be added to a milestone as dependencies. This makes sense considering how you will be using the tool. The milestone is created and then you work backwards to determine what needs to be done to achieve it. This allows you to show your stakeholders (i.e. This helps you show your stakeholders (i.e., ProjectPulse status page reader) how close you are to reaching that milestone.
You can set new milestones to take place one week after the previous one, but you can also change their dates whenever you want.
I liked that when a milestone is reached, all the dependencies (sub-tasks) are removed. Your team and key stakeholders don’t have to know how you got there. They only need to know that you did it.
Give tasks to your coworkers
You want to assign a milestone? Simply enter their name in the box Assigned To. This is a great feature because it doesn’t require you to create resources in a separate area of the tool, as is the case with many other systems.
It emails people who are added to your list to view the status page. If you want your team members to have access to the status pages, you will need to add credit card information and sign-up for a monthly subscription. If they don’t do this before they can view the page, they will get an error message.
The status report as it appears to the reader. You can open the status report to see the tasks, but completed milestones will be collapsed by default.
Send your updates via email
An email status update can be sent at any time. It’s convenient to be able to email it to yourself first, which I love. It would be great to have a way to test it before it goes to someone. It’s a good thing, because my first update was terrible. My name, which I entered during registration, came up as Undefined Undefined.
It appears that followers can subscribe to updates when the pages change – which is a great feature since you can’t rely upon them to remember to check if the project has progressed.
You will need to add a public address when you edit your profile or update your settings. This address is displayed at the bottom of your status reports. This is a good idea because it lets the recipient know who to contact if they have any problems. I don’t know how, if this field was mandatory, I was still able to email a status update – a little loophole.
Other features
This is usually the section where I comment on reports, time tracking, and other features. ProjectPulse does not have any other features.
Todo? What can we call them? Tasks? The To Dos are for your client and not you (your tasks are dependencies). But guys, when was it called Todos before? It’s not a proper word. Use the space!
Do you want to duplicate information?
If you use this software, I believe you would be creating and possibly duplicating your high-level project plan.
This tool is great if you don’t need enterprise project management software but only want to report task progress to others. Many freelancers would benefit from an easy-to use reporting tool to report progress to clients and to their own team (for instance, a virtual assistant to report on task status).
Let’s sum it up…
ProjectPulse offers online reporting. It’s quite useful, but you would have to use it as a standalone tool to other tools. That’s the only problem. Some of the features are not great.

Author: Victoria