The Value of Big Data Skills & Certifications

Big data has been a buzzword in IT for years. But what does it actually mean? It is the concept and practice of dealing with large amounts of information. This is perhaps the simplest definition. Imagine managing a large database of insurance information or an electronic collection of health records. This task requires proficiency in the use of complex technical tools like Apache Hadoop and Amazon Web Services.
Big data is more than just useful for getting new insights into existing information. It is also a smart career choice. Emsi and CareerBuilder surveyed data scientists to find that there were an average of 2,900 job postings per month for data scientists on job boards in the nine months preceding November 2016. Big companies such as Walmart, Microsoft, KPMG and State Farm have emerged as the top big data specialists recruiters. Positions have become plentiful in metropolitan areas from Washington D.C. up to San Francisco.
What big data certifications are available to improve your credentials for potential employers? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.
1.CompTIA Linux+
Linux is the common thread of many big data platforms like Red Hat, Hortonworks, SAP HANA and SAP HANA. It’s important to be familiar with the Linux kernel as well as the operating systems that are based on it. CompTIA Linux+ certification is available to anyone, but it is especially useful for holders of Network+ and A+ certifications. It provides solid knowledge in Linux installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.
“Red Hat” is an important piece of the big data puzzle.
2. Red Hat
Red Hat, one of many Linux-based OSes mentioned, is an important piece of the big data puzzle for many companies. Red Hat plugins are available for Hadoop. There are also dedicated contributions to open-source projects like OpenStack and OpenShift. Red Hat certifications and courses are also available.
Red Hat Certified System Administrator is one of the most sought-after distinctions. This distinction provides extensive knowledge in command line environments and directories documentation related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Certified Engineer is for performing technical tasks such setting kernel runtime parameters. Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator is for creating virtualized data center clusters, pools, and templates.
Linux, represented here by Tux the penguin mascot, is an important building block for big data platforms. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Business Intelligence
Although this certification will be retiring at the end March 2017, the skills it covers are still applicable to big data and can be used in many other Microsoft areas. SQL Server teaches IT workers how to create and run reports that can extract insights from data sets.
An SQL Server certification is required to obtain the MCSE: Business intelligence distinction. This certification is more basic and covers how to query SQL Server, administer SQL databases, and set up data warehouses with SQL Server.
Get your big data certifications now
IT professionals are excited about big data. Learn the basics and advanced features of Linux and Red Hat, as well as Microsoft SQL Server, to get a headstart on a better-paying job. To start your journey, find a New Horizons Learning Group near you.

Author: Victoria