These 4 Alternatives to Microsoft Project are better than Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project has been the standard in project management for over 30 years. Project is not the best option for managing projects in these times. Project methodologies like Kanban, Scrum, Lean and Scrum have all grown significantly. Project is still a Waterfall tool. PM software is also now cheaper than it was in the past. Projects are still expensive. Project management is not just about tracking resources. Collaboration is key. Project has a steep learning curve. Training everyone will be required using MS Project Essentials or similar training. For the software to be effective, you will need to have a certified project manager. Let’s take a look below at some alternatives to Microsoft Project. Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO Start training

Wrike Wrike, a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool, can be used by any size team. It is much simpler than Project, and it doesn’t require any installation on your desktop. Project users can upload files directly into Wrike tasks. They can then be edited and re-vised in real time without the need to download anything. Wrike has many great features: Easy Agile workflows Excellent third-party support. With Wrike’s mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can easily track the progress of your project from anywhere. Invite unlimited guest users to work with you on Wrike tasks. This includes adding comments, changing task status, or adding files attachments. Wrike can help you set up and manage agile project workflows. Wrike can also be linked to many third-party services, including Google, Microsoft and Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Box, GitHub, GitHub, and JIRA. We don’t like the following: – It can be overwhelming – Email notifications – Tasks that are difficult to break down Customization is, in most cases — Wrike allows users to customize almost everything. Sometimes, however, this can lead to a lot more clutter. We all know that confusion follows quickly. Software that sends out email notifications has become a common practice. Why don’t we use threads instead? Wrike uses email to communicate changes, which is a departure from most of its competitors. Write breaks down projects into tasks. This can lead to a lot of files and comments within tasks. We haven’t yet found a way that effectively breaks down tasks to reduce clutter. What Wrike costs. Wrike’s entry level Professional Plan for small projects teams costs $9.80/month. This is in contrast to Microsoft’s Project Online Professional plan which costs $30/user/month. Wrike guest users are free, while Project Essentials users pay $7 per month. It compares to Project. Wrike is cheaper than Microsoft Project, but it offers more options and collaboration options than Microsoft Project. Wrike is a good choice if your team has many short-term stakeholders. Clarizen Clarizen is a great tool for large companies. Clarizen is designed to be used by large enterprises. It offers a wide range of features that can be used to plan, execute, and manage projects. This includes financial reporting, time management, and expense management. Clarizen’s UI is excellent with simplified navigation. You can start a project by sending an email. Clarizen integrates with many third-party applications. Clarizen was designed to make it easy to use. It has streamlined navigation that allows you to access all modules with one click. Clarizen makes it easy to create a project. You can use your own project template or one that you have created. You can even initiate projects from an email message!

Author: Victoria