Top 3 IT Certifications that are the fastest growing in 2017

Technology is constantly changing. IT professionals know that being unable to update their skills, experience, and capabilities can lead to a serious loss of business and personal productivity. IT certifications can be a great way to increase your knowledge and support your tech efforts. Let’s look at the three most popular IT certifications this year that professionals should use:
1. Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional
Organizations must be capable of ensuring the security and integrity of their applications during the software development process. According to TechTarget contributors Margaret Rouse, Madelyn Bacon, the CSSLP from ISC2 is for all professionals involved in the SDLC. It teaches what vulnerabilities, risks, and compliance issues might arise. Candidates will learn software security techniques from conception to design to maintenance in this course. To apply for this certification you must have at minimum four years of full-time, paid work experience in one the eight fields of the CSSLP. Employers are willing to pay for candidates with this credential, as there is a growing demand for it. CSSLP teaches how to protect software throughout its entire lifecycle.
2. Certified Cyber Forensics Professional
Cybersecurity is a growing priority for many industries, especially those that deal with sensitive information or comply with regulations. Potential employers are attracted to security professionals who have a CCFP from ISC2. This certification is for IT forensics professionals, including those involved in cybersecurity, digital forensics, e-discovery, or cyber intelligence. Dice says that participants will learn about forensic science and investigations, legal and ethics principles, digital forensics, and emerging technologies. Candidates must hold a four-year college diploma and three years of full time IT security experience in three domains.
3. Certificate in Governance of Enterprise IT
“It is clear that security certifications will be a hot item this year for IT professionals.”
The ISACA CGEIT certification is a crucial certification for 2017, especially if your goal is to work in larger companies or enterprises. The CGEIT certifies that a professional is knowledgeable about enterprise IT governance principles and can bring these skills to the business. Tom’s IT Pro stated that certified individuals can align IT with business goals and strategies, and manage IT investments to maximize return-on-investment and minimize risk. Candidates must have at least five years of experience in IT governance. One year must be devoted to the management of an IT framework. The remaining four years must be devoted to two areas: strategic management, risk optimization and benefits realization.
It is clear that security certifications are going to be a hot item for IT professionals this year. IT professionals are searching for people who can protect their systems and information while also maintaining high governance standards. While all three certifications require strict guidelines to be followed in order to get in, employers will likely pay handsomely to acquire the skills and assurances these credentials provide. These certifications can give your career the boost you need to get started in this year.

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Author: Victoria