Windows 10 H2 Update – Get it now

Windows 10 H2 Update
Updated as 19 November, thank you so much for reaching out to me and notifying that the images are missing… I’ll upload them ASAP. Erdal
Windows 10 October 2020 Update
Or, in other words, the 20H2 update (19042.572) focuses more on performance updates and bug fixes, but it also brings new features.
How do I get the update?
Before we get into details, if the new update is not available in Windows Update section and you wish to immediately download it, all you need to do is click the link below to download the update assistance. This will bypass windows update and allow you to download the updated right away
Figure 1: No windows update to my Surface Pro 3

After the download is complete, Windows will notify you:
Figure 2: Windows Update Assistance
What has changed in Windows H2?
Figure 3: No System Control Panel

This is no longer the case. Instead, you will be diverted on to the “about” page
Figure 4: The new About page

You will have noticed that the “system” option is still available in the short-cuts even after you have installed the H2 update. System is now “about Windows!”

PS – This Microsoft step reminds me how they want to remove control panels, but this time slowly and not like in Windows 8’s Strat button experience. ( For those who forgot, Windows 8 didn’t have the classic Start button ).

This is a major addition to the “Your Phone”, so if you have one the newer Samsung Phones, you can run your android apps directly from Windows 10.
Figure 5: The new Windows Your Phone screen

Microsoft Edge is required to be downloaded from the Apple App Store if you have an Apple Iphone.
Figure 6: Microsoft Edge in App on the Apple App Store
After you have downloaded the app, you can see it in your phone as Figure 7. Open the app and

All you need to do is:
Alt + Tab = Quick access to your apps and web browser tabs. This keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly access all the apps on your desktop and also opens Microsoft Edge tabs.

Windows Education and Enterpise improvements
Simpler device management. Mobile Device Management (MDM1)1 now includes a Local Users and Groups Policy that gives administrators the same options and options as an on-premises Group policy.
Secure biometric sign-on. Windows Hello3 now supports virtualization-based security for certain face and fingerprint sensors. This allows users to protect, isolate, and secure their biometric authentication data.
Stronger app protection. Windows Defender Application Guard 4 (WDAG4)4 helps protect Microsoft 3655 and Microsoft Edge with a unique hardware isolation strategy. WDAG protects enterprise data by opening Office files and sites from untrusted sources in a virtualized box.
Microsoft Edge now offers a personalized tab page. IT administrators can help students, teachers, and employees personalize their new tab page using Microsoft 3655. People can now access their files and favorite Microsoft 365 applications faster by simply opening a new tab in the browser. This blog post will explain what this update means to IT professionals.
Windows remains the best place to work, play, learn, and connect. We are thrilled to share the new features that will be included in the Windows 10 October 2020 update. We want to thank the Windows Insiders community for their valuable feedback during the development of this update.
1 Requires Azure AD or Microsoft 365. Sold separately Learn more about Mobile Device Management, windows/client-management/mdm/.
2 Enhanced sign in security requires special hardware and software components that can leveraged from the moment devices ship

Author: Victoria