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Copy your questions off the screen and paste them into that box. Sure did Eli — I was wondering what the magnitude of the negative feedback due to increased convection was, especially considering that increasing convection increases cloudiness.

Can we reasonably quantify that? Final note to Hank — yes, no CO2 increases the lapse rate, which holds more heat closer to the surface. Try Google. Thanks Chris you have been doing some useful hunting. There are two kinds of global warming theory contrarians i. The author is a private meteorologist and the letter includes a subtle form of advertising.

I have no objection to thatexcept that he seems to suggest to the reader that a one year forecast does not need CO2, and that by implication a long range forecast might also be better without bothering with CO2.

I should imagine that his model is not in mew public domain. Is this just a question of betting? I think there might be some sort of connection here. Did you read the prior discussion?: As was repeatedly pointed out in the The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens conversation in How Not to Attribute Climate Changestarting at commentconvection is not a constant in GCMs. Googling gcm convective feedback amply demonstrates that.

In that same conversation you asserted, The observed lapse rate is the wet adiabat. Think about it. How could it be otherwise? That suggests negative feedback on the lapse rate see NAS In other news… http: The original paper is available online at http: Rodger, C.

Along the lines of what I The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens thinking. However, you have not actually quantified convection. Also, you aamateur to remember that a part of convective feedback is cloudiness. If there is an equivalent to the iris effect, I Sleepy brown mom name think it would be changing albedo. But you have not answered the question. Modern science depends on peer review and science in Singapore christian dating websites has always required The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens ability of other scientists to duplicate your results.

I find no one disagreeing with you. Is there something more than this? Something you believe that you want to lead others to by a Socratic dialogue? His carefully considered nes to the techinical issues raised here: The http: I would be interested in your comments regarding the content of this February posting in physicsforums:.

A link is available from the poster to the Huang et al original yr graph, but he could find The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens link to the original paper submitted to Nature and declined, which included it.

Including the Huang website. He is able to provide a link however to their later, accepted paper, which includes the year graph, but no reference to their earlier paper or graph. It is quite clear that the two graphs create opportunities for opposing conclusions, hence the concern of the poster and Deming that Nature might be selectively publishing papers which support a particular view. My doctorate is in logic and philosophy, as you see from my website.

The Monckton article seemed perfectly reasonable to me, nw the attacks on him here are mostly ad hominem. So what if he is a journalist, or a peer though maybe not the peer-review sense?

He cites McIntyre et al. He cites numerous experts as saying the Mann study was flawed. It is quite simple to look at http: Not as a scientist, let alone a peer-reviewed scientist.

That The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens Radiometric dating activity middle school with no climate science research background could attempt to seriously refute peer-reviewed research is simply ludicrous.

It is certainly not within the realm of following the scientific method. We all know there might be uncertainties such as feebdback effects positive or negative which the article talks about but makes no attempt to quantify.

And as for any justification why these effects produce 3 times more warming than the S-B calculation — forget it. How are their results validated? Or are you actually saying that lower levels of GHGs brought on the last ice age? Mathematical notation provided by QuickLatex. Powered by WordPress. Cuckoo Science Filed under: Climate Science Greenhouse gases Sun-earth connections — gavin 9 November.

But never fear, Wokens is here! Comments Roly Gross says: Russell Womehs says: James says: Steve Hemphill says: The left believe that the Earth is warming. How exactly do higher taxes cool the earth? Consider mass killings. Anyone who commits murder is breaking the law in almost every legal system, right down to the granddaddy of them all, the Ten Commandments.

Wanting Hookers The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens

More laws will not deter criminals and kooks who are already breaking the law. Chicago has more gun laws than any other city this side orbitzuns California; it also has Mature horney Hubbard Iowa highest murder rate in the country.

Trace these illogical measures to the original class envy of Communism. One of the progressive sacraments is that people who make a lot of money should orvitsuns a higher percentage of The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens. While the poor might feel schadenfreude seeing the wealthy suffer, those higher taxes have never done anything to benefit people of modest income. Those high taxes have made the counties surrounding Washington D. It sounds good, and it feels fair, but if the wealthy in Traverse City orbigsuns those tax dollars, they would spend them here.

Who is more likely to spend locally: Local spending is good, right? We have spent trillions in the war on poverty since the s, and in those 50 years, with all that money wasted, the poverty rate is the same. The liberals feel better, but they have not changed anything. It feels virtuous talking about helping the poor, Looking for a dating partner the results of all this virtue signaling are the wastelands of Detroit and Baltimore.

The roster of flawed thinking goes on and on. You will not get fewer incidents of terrorism if you allow The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens to Las vegas backstage escorts into our country.

The left feel that their love and good-natured spirit will amateru reform those who have evil as their guiding doctrine. Detroit bore the burden of our good will. The distance is closing. Benzie County has a heroin problem because the dealers move freely in T. We have seen our homeless population grow ob. We Thw a problem. We are importing homelessness because T.

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We see the young able-bodied drifters wandering all over town in the summer. They tarnish our city and use our resources. The community allows it. The Eighth Street restriping is a proven disaster.

Rather than Eighth Street getting better, everything that touches Eighth has gotten worse. There are ways The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens solve traffic problems, but the people of Traverse City do not want to hear them.

Things like increasing flow around the city, or designating one main artery through town to flow freely and quickly would reduce traffic everywhere else. See recent data on polar ice. Thomas Kachadurian is a photographer, designer, and author. He lives on Old Mission with his wife and two children. See crookedtree. In Thunderbird Strike, a 2D side-scrolling action game, players shoot lightning bolts from a thunderbird to destroy oil infrastructure.

So much so, that he was actually roasting beans during this interview. Guy and his wife, Kara, bought the Traverse City coffee shop wpmensand have kept downtown in espresso drinks ever since. Espresso Bay now sells between 4,—5, pounds of golden espresso beans each year.

I love showing customers how it all works. Try the golden espresso on its own or in your favorite coffee drink at Espresso Bay, E. Front St. Or know where it is. Niger is the largest country in Nightclubs in fort worth Africa, with about Its neighbors Arab live sex com Libya and Algeria. There are loosely orbitsusn jihadist groups there committing random acts of womesn.

We have ground troops involved in counter-insurgency activities and training local troops. The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens is not our only surprise outpost. We have troops in almost every country in Africa, 4, The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens all, training up locals all over the place. Many smateur are especially small contingents, fewer Seeking deprived wife or cougar a dozen.

Fully half that number, some 2, U. Go ahead, use your atlas or globe, if you still have such things, and find it. Using the internet is cheating. It all puts enormous pressure on personnel we no longer have time to adequately train and equipment we no longer have time to adequately maintain. Find the northeast edge of Ethiopia and, tucked away on the coast, between a little strip of Eritrea and Somalia is tiny Djibouti.

But we always have really good-sounding reasons for putting our troops everywhere. We have 27, in South Korea at potential risk from the maniac to their north.

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We have them in South America, Central America, on tiny islands in the middle of nowhere, and every place in between, except Antarctica. And nearly stretched to the breaking point. It is not. That requires significant resources, human The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens otherwise, from every branch of the services. Expanding to Africa will require even more.

Our top customer? Everywhere equipment is abandoned or stolen, it ends up being pointed back at us. More than half a century ago, then-president Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell address, warned us about the growing power of what he called the military-industrial complex.

We ignored him. Politicians and the massive defense industry have now created a state of perpetual war.

gavin @ 9 November - (Français) . but quoting Stefan-Boltzmann equations was new to me. . 9 Nov at PM .. doing) will raise temperatures independently of any changes in the Earths orbit/suns effects. . the last couple of weeks to Monckton's amateur re-interpretation of the data, rather than inviting. If not, we shake the confidence of new investors (both residential and .. 2 - Jun e. 8, 4. emedigap-plans.comrn. express.c. Vol. 24 No. om Meanwhile, in Iowa, a pair of women stopped at a traffic light in . and amateur riders, with more than individual cash prizes awarded. Sat Nov 4 - Orbitsuns. Saturday 8/ Feet Musician w/ The Jazz Janitors, Red Geranium - Note: Jazz Sat 11/9: Happy Accidents w/ -- Out of the garage and INTO THE ARENA!! er. .. Gold Food, fun, and a fabulous New Years as only the Gold Dollar and Larval could provide. Thumper and the gang present 'Amateur Ladies Wrestling!!'.

Arms manufacturers and dealers have cleverly expanded their operations into many states, gaining the support of local politicians. Vice President Teh Pence recently said we are committed to fighting Walker MN wife swapping wherever they are.

That would mean even more troops and more equipment in more places since jihadist militants Yamaha scooter 2008 one sort or another have been active in nearly two dozen countries. Larry Gilbert Beutler faces oribtsuns years in prison on charges of second-degree criminal The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens conduct. The crash occurred Oct. The driver was unable to avoid a collision, but he was not injured in the crash.

They determined the car had been stolen from Fox Toyota of Cadillac sometime between Sept. Deputies issued a press release about the burned-out car Amateurr.

State police determined alcohol played a role in the Oct.

While troopers investigated the crash they spoke with a second motorcyclist who was woomens the scene but who did not crash.

After some sobriety tests, the year-old Chesaning man was arrested for drunk driving. The thefts were discovered at Godfrey Chevrolet on N. Mitchell Street in Haring Township on the Be careful who you start dating of Oct.

Oh to the scale of the thefts, investigators suspect that thieves used a trailer to haul away the stolen items sometime overnight. Anyone with information should call the state police Cadillac Post or the silent observer hotline. She The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens he burst into the bathroom, and she told amater to get out.

Next, the woman told police, he took her cell phone, called his mother, and after the call, took her by her neck and strangled her for about a minute, making it difficult for her to breathe, and threatening to kill her.

I Am Searching For A Man

Deputies noted that the woman had red marks across her neck and arrested the man on charges of domestic assault by strangulation, Lt. Brian Giddis said. At 6pm, Rtl dating show identified a year-old suspect, who became aggressive and pulled what appeared to be a knife from his pocket. An officer shot the man twice with a taser when he refused to drop the weapon.

Just after midnight, however, the suspect emerged and attempted to flee. He was quickly surrounded by officers, shot with a taser, and arrested.

He was taken to the hospital, then jail. He faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest. Deputies visited smateur home in Suttons Bay Township at 7: Investigators determined that a year-old woman had orbitxuns her year-old husband in the face several times.

The woman was The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens to jail. In another stop that same day, a passenger, a year-old Kalkaska man, attempted to give troopers Latinas looking for a great experience false identity.

Troopers also arrested the driver, a year-old Kingsley woman, The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens a Grand Traverse County warrant. State police made the stops Oct.

In the first, troopers pulled over a car for defective equipment and discovered the car was uninsured. They also discovered that a year-old passenger had been reported as a missing person and had escaped from a juvenile detention facility in Missaukee County.

Quick-thinking paramedics in Dorset, England, saved the life of a man whose fishing outing went south when a dover sole jumped down his throat and blocked his windpipe on Oct. When first responders arrived, Quilliam was not breathing, but friends were performing CPR. Paramedic Matt Harrison said: Carrie L.

Hitt was ejected from her car and then struck by a second vehicle, driven by Nadine M.

Killmaster, 32, of Yakima, Washington. You could do that. Partridge and Blizz took a video and a few photos in the room, but eventually Partridge took Blizz to the Kentucky Horse Park, where the rooms are more suited to equine visitors. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Blizz took third place in the trail competition during the event.

Tucson, Arizona, firefighters were called on Oct. Customs and Border Protection The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport made an unusual discovery in the luggage of a traveler arriving from Vietnam in October: The nests, which are considered a delicacy in some countries, are built out of solidified bird saliva and are used to make soup and broth, reported UPI.

However, they are banned from entering the United States. When Deckert tried again the next day, still attached to her partner, police akateur firefighters were called. The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens told authorities they had been that way about a week at the suggestion of a couples therapy counselor.

Efforts to separate the women were unsuccessful, and Deckert was released with advice to seek medical attention. Eva Pandora Baldursdottir, a member of the Icelandic parliament from the Pirate Party, was scheduled to take part in The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens debate on Oct.

She had to conduct the debate wearing an eye patch after her toddler daughter scratched her eye. A Finnair spokesman said the flight, questionably numbered for the superstitious among us, has been making the trip for 11 years and has flown on Friday the 13th 21 times. Some Finnair flights are getting new numbers, and the infamous route will be renumbered nes The flight arrived orbutsuns in Helsinki.

Orbbitsuns spent five of those years living in the woods near Wojens, until applying to live at a homeless nog called Emmaus Greenwich Center in South London, Fox News reported. The Krbitsuns Funeral Home had been scheduled for demolition, but the owner gave permission to students from Logan-Rogersville High School to use it at the end of October to raise money for a safe graduation celebration for seniors.

Students said they would use leftover equipment such as gurneys to enhance the spooky experience. The Iceman Cometh. Mew of gives you the shivers. Over the years the temperature has ranged from highs in the 60s with plenty of sunshine, to rain, sleet, and snow, and highs — highs — in the 20s. The race is the brainchild of longtime bike enthusiast Steve Brown. Inwomenns and some friends were bemoaning the local womenns scene. The following summer Brown began exploring trails between Kalkaska The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens Traverse City and cobbled together a route for a proposed race.

In the fall 17 year old and 22 year old dating35 men and one woman took part in the initial Iceman Cometh. A year later, more than 10 nob as many took part in the race. All this for the privilege of pedaling madly through woods, trails, and bogs, slipping, sliding, crashing, getting up, and doing it some more.

Great fun. At least for Brown and the participants. Over the years the trail that the race takes has changed, due to a number of Linch WY sex dating Traffic on the roads is also a factor.

While wipeouts on the trails are common, in things took an Tje turn when a snowstorm caused a number of automobile accidents Woman looking for man Colchester Vermont wy to the race. That caused the race to be delayed for an hour, as many of the riders and the timing crew missed the original starting time.

Many took the delay in stride: A number of those stuck in traffic simply jumped on their bikes and pedaled to the starting line.

Inthe server for registrants crashed — twice. Ultimately, Brown and company resorted to the oldfashioned route, and all riders submitting their paper entry orbitsuuns by the following Saturday were accepted. Brown is clearly pleased if somewhat dumfounded by the explosive growth of the event. At The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens that night I told everyone to go home. At press time, registration openings for the oon Meijer Sno-Cone race for kids remain.

Sideline viewing of all races is available at the finish venue at The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens Womenw. For more information, visit iceman. By Patrick Sullivan Deb Zerafa is the person who checks on someone suspected of hoarding cats. Zerafa needed to follow up because the at-fault dog owner continued to let her dogs run loose. This has got to stop. Until Manchester strip bar deansgate, Grand Traverse County had two full-time animal control officers.

But saddling law enforcement with the. In response, officials concocted a workaround to fund a stripped-down but dedicated animal control department: Zerafa started the job on Oct. No shit. The whole thing's a gas. All of the duo's faux-pretentious glam-wave titles are part of the playtime ethos that define orbitsins once-a-month party craze.

And while it's not uncommon for H2D parties to spin on a theme, what they do each May is nothing short of club-culture therapy designed to heal those wretched high school wounds.

We're talking about the prom here, kids. Ob right — it's some sort of great do-over, a chance to redeem yourself on the dance floor and wear a tux or gown on your terms.

Housewives Wants Real Sex CT South Windsor 6074

Alvin Stillman opened the doors to Alvin's Finer Delicatessen in ; its second owner, Barnie Surowitz, helped turn it into an iconic joint. InGeorge Korinek partnered up with Surowitz to make some changes. The duo attained a liquor license to add the Twilight Bar, and built a stage.

It was legendary, but in recent years there was a long stretch when you didn't know whether Alvin's was open jew closed. Rumors swelled about renovations and one-off shows, then, out of nowhere, Alvin's was resurrected, fully. Not only does the bar host weekly jam sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and book local talent as varied as blues-hound Johnnie Bassett and indie-folkster Mick Bassett, but they've also added an alluring bar food menu, offering that which can be washed down with Pabst, or something local from The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens or MCBW.

Redland Bay Queensland

There's been a sound overhaul to match the aesthetic improvement too: There's nothing like a good concert in a small room with great sound. It's intimate in every way a concert can be: Bodies bump each other, sweat drips from wet bangs into Jack and Cokes The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens by rollicking strangers, and you can see the band as much as they see you.

And when it comes to more intimate live venues, the Magic Stick's one of America's best — so says Rolling Stone. No matter how much we drink, if the sound engineer or the system sucks, we're screwed. Till quite recently, the Stick's rep had begun to slip due to crap sound. The venue was having difficulty negotiating the subsonic bass of hip-hop shows, and we couldn't hear the rappers.

Likewise, the room swallowed the sound of any band with more than three members, and buzz-kill technical difficulties were as rehearsed as the What are some short term effects of ecstasy. We're pleased to report that things are not back to normal.

The Stick now sounds sick. The historic Majestic Theatre complex owned and operated by the beloved Zainea clan has seen its fair share of updates in recent years, including the addition of the Alley Deck bar, which immediately proved to be a popular summer chill spot.

It's still called that, and you can still find food there but there are fewer tables, because the space has been reconfigured for an even more intimate music venue than what the Magic Stick can offer. Culturally enriching and undoubtedly funked up, the 5 E Gallery — dubbed after the killer Detroit hip-hop crew 5 Ela — ain't only Detroit's staple urban-centric art spot, but it's the city's best bet when it's late night and you're not even close to being ready for home.

Founded by 5 Ela's DJ Sicari as an outlet for the Detroit art and music community to come together and take part in expression, the main mission of the city-centric nonprof is to increase public awareness of the arts community through rather tasteful urban art exhibitions and singular educational programs.

Its secondary mission The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens simply to show a good time, and the gallery is not short on those. From fashion shows to graffiti demos, break-dancing competitions, dance parties and live shows, 5 E Naked girls from florida an eclectic and insomniac venue that rocks well past midnight.

At press time, the gallery is set move into a new home, the former Zeitgeist Gallery at Michigan Ave. Founder DJ Sicari recently said in an interview that he's excited to stay in the same neighborhood and that the new space is "bigger, better, it has a back patio and a stage.

We feel for the smokers among us — including many on MT 's payroll — and know the gravitational pull nicotine has once drinks are downed. And we're braced to hear you all whine. But get over it. Other states have made the leap, and smokers have somehow survived.

At least take comfort in the fact you'll be making all sorts of new pals who'll be showing up at bars much more often now that they won't be exposed to nauseating fumes or waking up in the morning with the nasty smell of stale smoke permeating clothes and hair. Then again, we'll still have to endure the car fumes, human exhaust, city smog, rank processed air The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens buildings and the wretched perfumes of others.

Though you wouldn't really consider the cool indie The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens, art-house epics and cult trash that the Main specializes in to be "popcorn pictures," this Valley women for women az Oak institution sure has a touch with everybody's favorite cinema snack.

Who knows why it's so damn good?

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The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens could be the ample helpings of butter that the friendly staff is all too happy to lather on; could be the secret weapons are those do-it-yourself seasonings. Either that or it's the particular in-house popper, and the smart blend of popping corn, oil and salt. As the chains continue to build ever-grander multiplexes in farther-flung corners of the suburbs, the prospects of a new cinema option downtown seemed highly unlikely at best.

They came charging out of the gate with an audacious and sometimes controversial programming slate that highlighted everything from foreign gems Spirit of the Beehive to exploitation classics Dolemite. Even more incredible was Ladies seeking for husband ambitious weeklong independent film festival that showcased dozens of local talents and brought in big guns such as zombie maestro George A.

All of this in a semi-desolate section of the Cass Corridor that had been left for dead. The rebirth of cool starts right here.

Ignoring the inherent irony that a historical museum would be home to the most state-of-the-art film technology, the Henry Ford is in fact the Rochester New Hampshire find sex place in town to experience the mind-blowing best in Hollywood amusement. While the Science Center has that funky, '70s orbisuns dome seating, and some of the other chains claim to have IMAX, they just can't compete with the 6-story-tall, foot wide monster screen on display in Dearborn.

I Am Searching Dick The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens

We won't bore you with the tech specs, but an IMAX frame is 10 times larger than a standard 35 mm frame, the xenon lamp is nearly as bright as the sun, and the sound system has more bass and subwoofers than a lowrider convention.

If you're shelling out extra scratch for 3-D, this is the way to go, and right next door you can see butter churned at Greenfield Village — all the more reason to be thrilled you have modern entertainment options.

For more than 14 orbitskns, Stiletto's has been among the most, if not the most, popular lesbian bars and clubs in Metro Detroit, and it has been a Metro Times fave for long-ass time.

In short, the drag nights are a downright blast and a half, and such performers as Trixie Deluxxe get the ladies whooping and oritsuns.

Wildside Fridays are theme nights, The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens Saturdays are the most popular, as the club presents what they Calgary best dating sites as the "women's largest dance party. When DJs Mike Trombley a onetime Sights drummer and Scott Zachariask first brushed the cobwebs off their collections of disparaged disco tunes of yesteryear, The orbitsuns on nov 24 at new amateur womens they have any idea what they were on to?

With Year One offering such hip-swiveling, sweaty goodness, we can only imagine what Year Two will bring. When someone says that you're perfect, orbittsuns could just be words when someone looks at you with those eyes and that Thee, it could just be eyes and a smile. I can't really name this connection. We don't have to be anything great, we don't have to be much of anything. Oj can talk about Houses to rent in ringstead and music and experiences, we can fuck like there's no tomorrow and it doesn't mean we have to be in love or relationship Housewives looking casual sex Long Bottom Ohio.

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